curriculum vitæ

Professional Experience

Analytical Linguist @ Google (Los Angeles, CA)


Architecting experiments to address research questions about advertising quality
Conducting statistical analyses on human evaluation data using R and Python
Developing interfaces to collect labeled data from a global rater workforce

Senior Data Scientist @ NarrativeWave (Irvine, CA)


Developing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application using statistical modeling and natural language generation
Applying linguistic and statistical expertise to language generation for large, industrial machine analytics
Building forecasting models for sensor data using Python and R

Senior Data Scientist @ Tata Consultancy Services (Bentonville, AR)


Developing statistical modeling pipeline in R for business analytics
Mining big socio-demographic and transaction data for actionable insights
Standardizing data science and analytics procedures for the world's largest retailer

Voice Engineer at Nuance Communications, Text-to-Speech R&D (Merelbeke, Belgium)


Mastered relevant R&D technical skills, including a complex, evolving speech synthesis environment
Collaborated with distributed, multi-national team to build 2 voices for well-known digital personal assistant
Provided linguistic expertise and took on major customer-facing role for reboot of the world's most heard synthetic voice

Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington


Initiated collaborative, multidisciplinary research resulting in publications, conference presentations and well-received funding applications
Led a team that revamped the sequence of beginners’ French classes
Taught French linguistics, French phonetics / phonology and pedagogy

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Completed a dissertation project on mental linguistic maps and socio-phonetic perception in Parisian French
Taught French courses resulting in inclusion on excellent teacher list
Coordinated human resources, material creation and student outcome management for elementary and French phonetics classes


Certificate in Machine Learning (Coursera Specialization)
Working through 8 comprehensive courses on scaleable machine learning algorithms with NLP applications in Python

Coursera Data Science Specialization
Online coursework in R Programming, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Inference, Regression Models, Developing Data Products and Practical Machine Learning

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Department of French (Linguistics)
MA & Ph.D. - "Perceptions of Parisian French: From Language Attitudes to Speech Perception"

Furman University
BA in French and Political Science

Technical Skills

Artificial Languages: R, Python, SQL
Statistical Computation and Graphical Software: R (RStudio), Python (Jupyter Notebook), Octave, SPSS
Big Data Utilities: Hive, Spark
Version Control: Git (Github), Subversion Web Design Software: Shiny (web application framework for RStudio), HTML, CSS, XML
Acoustic Analysis Software: PRAAT, Akustyk, Cool Edit Pro, Audition, Nuance Vocalizer
Human Subject Research Software: DmDX, Matlab
Working knowledge of EEG recording and analysis

Natural Languages

Native / Near-native: English, French
Highly Proficient: Spanish
Conversational: Serbo-Croatian, German, Portuguese, Italian
Elementary: Dutch, Tamil
Reading Knowledge: Latin