Everyone can use a laugh, so how about some funny pictures?

Seriously? Cajun Karate?!

Shameless advertising anyone?

Improvised beer holder on a bike in Ghent

Sin comentarios. Gante, Bélgica.

Juste une touche malpoli à BXL

T'as vu la taille du truc?

Bama fan love for ex-UF QB #idontgetit

View from my place in North Beach. Yeah... SF.


Not proselytizing, but I am a big believer in trying to live in the here and now.

For no-nonsense guided meditation, très terre-à-terre, I really like Headspace.

Iyengar Yoga is my fav, a down-to-earth strain of yoga focusing on posture and alignment.

For relaxation, try Yoga Nidra, which is something between relaxing and sleeping.

Running is also great for mindfulness :-)

Finally, I like music... a lot.

Here is what I listened to most on Spotify last year.